SMTP Proxy Daemon


Download the latest PRODUCTION version v1.43
Enables "reverse A" record lookup
RBL's which return CNAMES (such as five-ten-sg.com)
Connection throttling
Connection timeout, etc

Download the latest BETA version v1.5.8b
Adds "local domain" specification to restrict mail relaying
Cleanup of existing logging options - all logging goes to files, only errors to the eventlog
More detailed logging support for "MX passthrough" option - shows name of rejecting server
Fixed email whitelist bugs
[see version.txt for more details on fixes]

If running on Windows 2000, you may also need the Microsoft MSI installer update



BCware NoSPAM is a free SMTP proxy service designed for use with DNS based anti-spam services (real-time black hole list, relay spam list, dialup user list, etc) services such as RBL/DUL/RSS provided by MAPS (http://mail-abuse.org/rbl) and other organizations.   It is not a full SMTP email server - rather it provides a complimentary "anti-SPAM" service which can be used as a first line of defense against SPAM or other offensive email.  Note, NoSPAM is intended for use on Windows 2000 or XP systems only, it will not function on Windows NT 4.0 or earlier versions of NT.


As with all free software, your mileage may vary.    We provide this software free of charge and as such provide minimal support.   That said, if you find issue, we'll do our best to address problems with the software.   If you have suggestions for new features, or don't like the way things work, please send us email.




This core code was written for Windows 2000 and XP by Nigel Ellis    GUI and setup support was written by Matthew Tebbs .    NT service control code was contributed by Jeff Coffler .




From version v1.2.1, installation has been simple - execute the MSI installer file.   New support for GUI configuration is provided too.  What could be simpler!   If you receive an installation error about your Microsoft Installer version, you need to update your system to the latest MSI software (this will apply to Windows 2000 systems only).    Install the MSI update provided by Microsoft from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?releaseid=32832.


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